How To



Local churches and other local organisations can set up and run a Parent Buddies service in their locality. Parent Buddies Managers will receive training to set up and run the service.

  • Step 1: Contact Parent Buddies charity to express interest 

  • Step 2: Identify Parent Buddies service manager

  • Step 3: Identify suitable volunteers

  • Step 4: Book three training sessions 

  • Step 5: Regular supervision for Parent Buddies managers

  • Step 6: Regular update training by Parent Buddies trainers

  • Step 7: Contact Parent Buddies for details about training and subscription fees




Volunteers will receive high quality training from Parent Buddies trainers.

Training includes 3 sessions:

  • Session 1: Working with families / Boundaries of the role

  • Session 2: Listening skills

  • Session 3: Safeguarding awareness / Getting started





  • Parent Buddies trainers will provide regular supervision for Parent Buddies managers.

  • Parent Buddies managers are responsible for providing regular supervision for Parent Buddies volunteers.